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Abyssinia Meditreat LLP has earned the reputation of being the most renowned and best medical tourism company in India. This is because of exceptional care and effort we put in to understand your requirements and give the best solution as professional medical tourism consultants.

About Abyssinia Meditreat LLP

Counted among the best medical tourism consultants in the world, Abyssinia was started in 2006 with the aim of providing unique solutions to medical tourists on their visit to India.

Abyssinia derives its origin from the combination of words - 'INDIA' and 'CURE'; hence, we symbolize the growth of healthcare tourism in India and take pride in being the premier company to provide complete medical vacation packages in India.

We have earned several accolades over the years :

Abyssinia is known for the exceptional value we provide to our clients. In terms of cost-effectiveness, safety, comfort, and treatments, Abyssinia's association with the best hospitals in India, professionals and experienced surgeons, is one of our key strengths. We cater to all the nuances of medical tourism and guide you at every step.

Our Vision

To be the best and most trusted medical tourism company in the world. We strive to facilitate safe and comfortable healthcare services to medical tourists from across the world and ensure their well-being and quick recovery.


Our Mission

Using our skills and professional expertise, we have pioneered the medical tourism services in India. We adhere strongly to the industry standards and use our extensive knowledge in the field of medical tourism to deliver timely, vital, and quality services.


Our Values

Safety, Excellence in service and Trust are the building blocks of Abyssinia.


We understand that seeking medical treatment abroad is of utmost importance and a matter of concern, as it pertains to your health. Hence, we only choose the internationally recognized and adept medical institutions and the most acknowledged surgeons as our associates. Internally, at Abyssinia we ensure that we maintain our exceptional quality standards and upgrade them to set newer industry benchmarks.


As an expert medical tourism company in India, we collaborate with other experts of medical fraternity like technologically equipped top hospitals in India, chief medical institutes and experienced surgeons. We ensure that our in-house professionals sharpen their skills with our continued medical educational programs.


Our exhaustive list of clients speaks volumes about the level of trust we have gained over the years. We maintain complete confidentiality of all the information shared with us by our clients and network partners.


Guiding Principles

  • Achieve the best possible outcome for each patient
  • Embrace a customer service philosophy
  • Work together as a team towards common goals
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards


Our team

Medical tourism agencies require expertise not just in the field of healthcare, but they also need a thorough understanding of the nuances of hospitality as well. Hence, at Abyssinia, we have a dedicated team of experts that understand these challenges and offer solutions encompassing all the aspects of medical tourism.

Dr. Jignesh Gandhi

Dr. Jignesh Gandhi


Dr. Praveen Kulkarni

Dr. Praveen Kulkarni


Dr. Uddhavraj Dudhedia

Dr. Uddhavraj Dudhedia


Abyssinia Meditreat LLP Difference

Having established ourselves as one of the top medical tourism consultants, we have grown to understand the pulse of the industry. We combine the strengths of both sectors i.e., healthcare and tourism, to provide you with affordable, secure, and premium healthcare services in India.

Your health is our top priority and hence we ensure that your focus is only on your health and we take care of the medical tourism process along with your logistical and operational requirements. We are known for our professional approach and an empathetic attitude towards our patrons, thus ranking us amongst the top medical tourism companies in the world.

Our key strengths are :

The medical institutions associated with Abyssinia include Joint Commission International (JCI), National Accreditation Board of Hospitals (NABH), International Services Organization (ISO) accredited hospitals that provide the highest international standard and quality assurance. While most of our surgeons are well established in their respective fields, most of them have over 20 years of experience and are qualified members of Medical boards in India, United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia or France.

Abyssinia Meditreat LLP for Children

As we serve our patrons from foreign countries for medical tourism in India, we have not forgotten the needs of our own country. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we extend our expertise of providing healthcare service by associating with Non-Profit organizations across the country working for street children.

By providing the basic necessities and education to underprivileged children, we are not only ensuring a brighter future for them but also for our country.

Financial Support :

As a socially responsible medical tourism agency, every year, we at Abyssinia donate 1% of our revenues for the improvement of the lives of street children. We do not limit ourselves to mere monetary assistance, but also fulfil our ethical and social responsibilities.

Volunteering :

We combine social and corporate responsibility by using our knowledge of the medical field to facilitate interventions. We highlight issues like the importance of education, nutritious food, and hygienic living.

We channelize resources from our business for fulfilling our social and ethical responsibility, and encourage our clients and stakeholders to pledge their support for this cause in any way possible. We are thankful to our associates and clients who have generously donated time, money, and skills to this cause.

The children of various NGOs and Non-Profit organizations feel extremely connected to us and their happiness and well-being make us feel a part of their family.

While fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, we as a responsible stakeholder in the business of medical tourism, are also privileged to serve many other organizations that work for the betterment of the street children in our country.

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